Lab Packs & Content

Designed to guide you through each concept. Clear, granular explanations of each topic are also included.

No Setup or Installation

Simply log in to your account and start working through labs with any modern, internet-capable device.


Compare your configurations to expected outcomes to track mistakes and get instant feedback.

IOS Images Included

Includes everything you need to work through the labs; no need to license additional materials to get started.

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$179 / 1-year
$59 / 3-months


$179 / 1-year
$59 / 3-months


$179 / 1-year
$59 / 3-months

Routers & Switches

Use the solution with the most accurate behavior!

NetSim simulates IOS and the hardware to deliver real-world behavior. Unlike other solutions, NetSim accurately handles switches and Layer 2.

Runs on desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.

NetSim can be used on all modern web browers and devices including Macs, Linux and Windows.

Network Designer

Build your own custom labs.

  • Easily configure complex topologies.
  • Add devices and connections to the topology.
  • Click and drag to rearrange devices.
  • Annotate topologies with notes and labels.
  • Import your own device icons to customize your lab.
  • Save your favorite device configurations for quick access.

Dark Mode

No worries, night owls!

Dark mode for NetSim is now available exclusively in our online app.

Sync Lab History

Pick up where you left off.

You can sync your lab progress to easily dive back in, as your schedule permits. You can also sync your history between your devices.

Multi-Monitor Support

Also works with Split View!

Easily launch the lab document, topology diagram and consoles in separate browser tabs.

Content Updates

Never wait on updates!

With the online app, you’ll never have to run updates. Always have the most up-to-date content and IOS just by simply logging in.

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