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ExSim-Max for Cisco 200-301 CCNA

Average Rating: 4 stars (69)

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5 stars Exam
5/7/2024 1:49:56 PM - Brayden - ,

If you want the best exam experience this is the product that closely resembles if not is harder than the actually exam. It points out the main weaknesses you have with detailed information why it was wrong and additional third party resources not associated with them. The last part made it abundantly clear they are the best.

Reply by Boson
5/7/2024 3:02:21 PM

We're happy to hear you got the most out of ExSim-Max! We take pride in providing thorough explanations to every question that detail not only why the correct answer is correct, but why the wrong answer is incorrect.
5 stars Great Resource
3/10/2024 2:14:52 PM - Brandon - ,

Amazing product and I would recommend to anyone!

Reply by Boson
4/22/2024 10:21:40 AM

Thank you. Hope your studies are going well!
5 stars Must Have Practice Exam for CCNA Exam
2/29/2024 6:39:31 AM - Paul - ,

After taking the official Cisco course and practice test, I walked confidently into 200-301 and was blown away with how much material was NOT covered by Cisco's courseware - I did not pass. I regrouped and spent an hour a day for a month running through Boson's ExSim-Max exams. The study mode had perfect explanations for each question, why the right answer was right and why the wrong answers were wrong. The questions covered every topic that I found on the actual exam. My subsequent sitting for 200-301 was a breeze and I was able to earn my CCNA.

5 stars Best Practice test software in history
2/19/2024 12:13:45 AM - Mohammad - Riyadh, SA

I have passed my exam and have build the solid foundation of CCNA through this. I have utilized it's full potential. Hat's off for all the team of Boson that make this possible and are helping millions across the globe. 100% worth it.

3 stars Not Helpful
2/3/2024 2:57:03 AM - Mark - ,

Did not help me pass CCNA. Too many topics outside the scope of exam blueprint. A purchase I regret. I know they have reasons for doing things. Problem is, those reasons did not help me in the exam room. Maybe their exam session was not the same. I can only speak for me.

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