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ExSim-Max for CCSP

Average Rating: 4 stars (3)

5 stars Difficult but excellent preparation.
4/11/2023 8:46:20 AM - - ,

These tests are very good at simulating the types of questions that you will see on the CCSP test at time of writing (4/11/2023). The questions in these practice tests are extremally difficult and require assumptions that you may not be confident making, and this is by design. It will help train you to apply the logic that the exam will expect.

Recommend to use in study mode to see the explanation for why answers where/where not correct. This is the real way to use these tests to prepare.

Pairs very well with the official practice questions. Including the official study guide as well these resulted in a first time pass.

3 stars Great study aid, poorly phrased questions.
4/18/2022 8:49:38 AM - Shawn - ,

Much like the CCSP, the questions in this exam are trying to trick You, or are at times, poorly phrased. The additional information for the answers, and why those answers are right or wrong are fantastic and great for studying purposes.

For example, there was a question about physical security in datacenters, and they point You to NFPA. Depending on how your brain works and your knowledge expertise, You know NFPA has nothing to do with *physical* security, it has to do with fire safety.

Things like this can be super frustrating, as, when trying to learn You don't want to feel disappointed or frustrated. Maybe that's their goal though, to make You feel like You're taking the exam and that there is no clarification what so ever. Some questions have no assumptions, others are just poorly designed. It can be annoying.

5 stars Helped me study and pass my CCSP exam
2/10/2022 9:19:55 AM - Andrei - ,

I used it the last week before the actual exam. It has great detailed explanations which can help you learn. Just make sure you read them. It's a great learning tool. Probably the closest to the real exam questions you can get.